New Dashboard for Tumblr

Through building up these social network sites I was able to learn the effect online media can have. By setting up my Google+ page I was able to see a very nice feature, the +1. This was a very useful addition to the site as it let people in your circles see what pages, links, pictures etc. that you are recommending. I hope to see Google+ continue to grow with it’s clean format and new technology. Twitter is a good site to utilize keywords. You can search to see what people are talking about on the site and this can be very useful for promotional campaigns for companies. My favorite profile to build was Linkedin. Your Linkedin profile is basically your online professional resume. You can follow companies and learn about new positions that they post in the career section of their profile on Linkedin. A very convenient application is the ability to apply for positions right on the website. This is a great way to network and communicate with recruiters and even CEO’s of companies.

Tumblr DashboardI decided to create a Tumblr to add to my blog arsenal. I found that you were able to customize the blog layout into whatever you wanted. Thedashboard is a very organized way of showing you how to post. You are able to post words, pictures, links, reblog others, and set a custom background. Also, you can add a background playlist for music using outside applications.


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