A deeper look into the Harley Davidson culture.


When visiting Harley Davidson’s website, they have a slideshow of 6 picture slogans. Number 1 was the new Freedom Custom bike: The Seventy Two. Number 2 was the introduction of another new bike, the Softtail Slim. Number 3 used the movie the Avengers for consumers to create their own custom bikes. Number 4 focused on celebrating the rich history of African American Riders. Number 5 focused on a new segment for motorcycles, women. Number 6 let you explore the 30 bikes in Harley Davidson’s line.


Here is a picture of their two newest models, The Seventy-Two (front) and the Softtail Slim (in rear). Also here is a creative ad for the Avengers and Harley Davidson here.

They seem to do a great job of involving their customers with the brand, just from their website. For example, here is a creative print ad (below) that is a great example of Harley Davidsons culture. Harley is so big into building long term relationships with its customers. From a marketing standpoint, this should be your goal with every company you work for.


I looked at a couple of their competitors and noticed that Yamaha doesn’t sell just motorcycles. They sell atvs, dirt bikes, boats, and even golf carts. Suzuki’s homepage focused on financing and cash back, trying to draw it’s customers into purchases. I didn’t get a good sense of company culture like I did when I visited Harley Davidsons page. They also sell ATV’s and dirt bikes as well. Honda does the same, displaying ads for motorcycles, ATV’s, Boats, and new models it is releasing. Harley Davidson, Inc is currently at $47.04 on the NYSE. Honda is selling at $38.50. Harley Davidson is kicking off the riding season at Dayton Bike Week 2012. This is where they will show off their new models and build the Harley Davidson culture. Harley Davidson participates in many events throughout the riding season and you can find events near you on their website. They have demo ride events, events for women, the Laconia motorcycle ralley, the Sturgis event in August, and it’s holding Harley’s 110th Anniversary Celebration in Rome in 2013! You can visit Harley Davidson’s events page for more information.


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