Growsmart Media

Being that it is my last semester of my senior year I found myself lucky to end up with a social media marketing internship with Growsmart Media. I am learning a lot through managing clients social media accounts and seeing how important this sector is in every business. Who knew Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Blogs could change from a social to business site? Every company in today’s world can benefit from online marketing and I hope to land a position where I can make a difference.



I just picked up an HTC EVO 4G and it is a great phone. HTC is at it again with the relase of the EVO 3D coming soon. I guess there is an advantage to having Sprint.

Check this out!

MSU Men’s Volleyball Clinic

My teammates and I are running a volleyball clinic tomorrow at St. Joe’s Highschool as a part of a fundraiser to raise money for nationals. We will be teaching kids, teens, and adults the basics and fundamentals of volleyball.

Here’s a link just in case you want to come out next year!

Go Green!

Australian Open Semi’s

The #3 seed Novak Djokovic to play the #2 seed Roger Federer in the 2011 Australian Open Semifinals. The match is on at 3:30 am today in only an hour and a half. Too bad i have a nice 9:40 class to go to in the morning, but it is being recorded. Can’t wait to watch! Going with Djokovic on this one.

Let’s Get it!

The Social Network

I finally got a chance to watch the social network tonight and it was a great movie. A couple of my professors in the Broad school told everyone to see this and now i see why. Makes me wish i could come up with a multi-billion dollar idea in college.

Give this one a shot.

Nike Free Run

I just picked up a pair of these Nike Free Run’s and they are amazing. Perfect for working out/running. They are super light weight and feel like you don’t even have shoes on. These are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn. Go get a pair!

Snowboard Season

After missing all of last year, I finally get to hit the slopes with a few friends once i head back to MI. I wish i could have gone snowboarding out in California since it doesn’t even compare with the Michigan terrain, but ill take what i can get. #LetsGetIt

Can you tell where this picture was taken? MI or CA? That’s what i thought.