Is Facebook worth $100 Billion?

Is facebook worth $100 Billion? From my perspective no, but from an advertisers perspective yes. I don’t know about you, but when I go on facebook and see the ads on the side of the page, I haven’t clicked on them once. They don’t appeal to me and haven’t grabbed my attention. Advertisers see this as a huge opportunity to reach

845 million people which is a huge target audience.

With 85% of facebook profits coming from advertising, advertisers believe that they can gain profits through this site. Facebook needs to be careful in the future and not get too greedy. If Facebook started charging monthly fees to it’s users, I would be gone. I believe many other users would agree with me on this. This is why I believe Facebook is not worth $100 Billion in the eyes of the users. Without us users, Facebook would not even come close to being valued at this amount.