March Madness a Marketers Dream


March Madness, arguably the best 4 weeks in college sports, is seen as a marketers dream. With 68 teams, from 68 different schools across the country, the follower and fan base is a huge market for companies. ESPN has utilized the tournament with it’s online streaming of all games for $3.99. They also have live updates and scores with their new Bracket Bound application. You can stream the games directly on your iPhone or Android device. The groups section of the application lets you create a group of friends and fill out a bracket for the tournament. This is always the most popular feature, being that no one has ever obtained a perfect bracket throughout the tournament. This is a huge opportunity for all the conferences to build their name and following as well. With the new B1G logo and layout, this tournament is huge for commercials and advertisements. Also, apparel sales will increase the farther your college team goes into the tournament. For example, Elite 8, Final 4, Semi-Final, and Champion apparel. The tournament gets the entire United States involved by splitting the basketball games into 4 different regions (South, East, Mid-West, and West). With multiple games being played at the same time, numerous television providers are needed. This is a great opportunity for TBS, TNT, TruTv, and CBS to gain a high number of viewers during the month of march. I have enjoyed the tournament so far and only have one thing to say, Go Green.