Coca-Cola’s New Marketing Campaign

In December, Coca Cola decided to change it’s marketing message with the hopes of bringing back its beloved polar bear mascot. They teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to put on a save the polar bear campaign. They are donating $2 million to the World Wildlife Fund over the next 5 years and are matching consumer donations up to $1 million. They decided to alter the classic red and white Coca-Cola can with a fresh new white can design.Image

The number one problem with the new can design was the confusion it left with consumers of the product. They noticed a slight resemblance to the Diet Coke silver can. By altering the Packaging of the product, there was an obvious disapproval in

ImageCoca-Cola consumer’s minds. The Promotional campaign was a fail for coke as they saw how consumer’s reacted to their efforts to bring the polar bear back. One month after this new campaign launch, they decided to recall the project and reissue a red version to the original can design. I think the concept of teaming up with the WWF to bring back the polar bear was genius, but they should have tested the product first to see how consumers would react to this major change in a classic can of Coca-Cola. They could have placed the product in different places to see how it would respond. For example, placement in grocery stores, convenience stores, or vending machines.

Pepsi also had a change in their marketing message with their Pepsi Refresh Campaign in 2010.


Pepsi was criticized for investing in philanthropy and a more global approach over Super Bowl Ads and America. Pepsi was giving away $20 Million to non-profits and to individuals who receive the most votes for their charity campaigns online. The purpose of Pepsi was to invest in America, which is why in 2011 they focused it’s campaign and contests on more close to home topics like the arts, music, communities, and education. This was a good way for Pepsi to respond to the negative criticism and that’s what you need to be like to keep your brand name strong. I also find the cola wars between Pepsi and Coca-Cola interesting as well. It is like they are playing a game of chess. When Coca-Cola makes a move, Pepsi needs to also to keep them in check. When Coca-Cola releases a promotional campaign, Pepsi soon follows. If Pepsi comes out with a new drink, Coca-Cola matches. It is a never ending game that helps both survive in the industry